Vaccines failure is said to occur when all the diseases (gomboro and NCD as case study here) we are trying to prevent still occur despite ‘necessary precautions’. These diseases are best prevented than cure. May gomboro and NCD never attack your farm in Jesus name Amen.

LISTEN – Vaccine failure occur due to the following:

  1. Use of chemical water to administer vaccine – never use chlorine treated water. Use just ordinary natural plain and clean water from well, rainfall or steam.
  2. Ignorant – Some farmers never see the need to carry out any vaccination. Some substitute vaccinations with drugs. Drugs can never substitute vaccine. Some even think, birds in a new farm need not vaccinated. Some farmers thought that vaccines and its administration are so expensive. Not so, infant vaccine is cheaper than drugs. 1000 doses vaccine is about N500.00 (Five Hundred naira) Now imagine how foolish to lose your investment because of peanut.
  3. Poor handlings – right from the point of production, vaccines are expected to be kept cold or freeze. Many handlers break this cold chain. This is one of the reasons why we encourage repetition of vaccine. Buy your vaccine from centers where they use generator to support the sales. Go with portable cooler; put it with some ice block. At home, if not administered same day, store in freezer.
  4. Death vaccine – when next you go and buy your vaccine. Look at the tablet in the bottle, if it has turns powder, don’t buy it. Or if it is half broken, don’t buy it or turns yellowish. The vaccine is dead. It will not work. If you use it, you are bound to have vaccine failure. Vaccine is so important that you can go to long distance to a trusted center to buy it with your portable cooler.
  5. Use local vaccine as much as possible. Use vaccine produced in Nigeria by VOM if you are in Nigeria. Local vaccines are developed to meet our local strain. Most of the challenge is the fact that our research institute cannot meet our demand. Where it is not available, then you can go for foreign. But first ask for local ones.
  6. Using wrong quantity of water can result to vaccine failure some farmer are only guided that 1000 doses must go for 10 litter of water and 500 doses for 5 litter of water and so on. You must consider the required water intake of your birds at their age. Now if you use 10 liters for 1000 doses for your 1000 birds at 4 weeks old; how can you be sure all of them will access the vaccine? Use water as required by your birds when vaccinating. ( I will be shedding more light on this)
    To be continued


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