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  1. Kudos to Mr. Emmanuel for the feed formulation software, it’s the best I have seen, despite that I have two other feed formulation application but his own beats them all. I just downloaded the trial version and I must say it’s a best and a must have software for any serious-minded farmer who wants to make Good returns on his investment. Mr Oduwale Kayode – Lagos
    2. Good morning all. I wish to comment on Mr. Emmanuel’s sincerity. I received my feed formulation software about a week ago. Had some issues on the installation process because of my systems operating system. Mr. Emmanuel took the pains of making sure the deal was complete through repeated calls and instructions. Mr, Bersey Udoette – Alkwabom
    I successful installed the software yesterday. Both feed formulation software and ebooks is a must for serious farmers.
    I recommended anyone and everyone
    3. This is to acknowledge and appreciate what Mr Jacob Emmanuel is doing on this platform. Just like that, I received my package within two working days. It includes two books and the feed Formulation software… Going through the books, sincerely it worth more than the price. Kudos to Mr Emmanuel. May the Lord continue to add to your pool of knowledge. Am impressed!!! Three Gbosas for you… GBOSA! GBOSA!! GBOSA!!!. – Prince Adetayo Odusanya – Ogun state
    4. I have read both “Where there is no Vet Doctor and Advance Feed formulation book written by Mr. Emmanuel Jacob with keen interest, I have also done few hands -on using the software. The book is very detailed and down to earth and I cannot but say that it remains the best in terms of incisive, educative and informative Poultry manual that all poultry farmers should have. Thank you Mr. Emmanuel Jacob for your support. I look forward to doing more business with you. Cheers! – Saheed Olalekan Adenrele Alicante – Rivers state
    5. My fifteen days old broilers responding positively to advance feed formulation software broiler starter and with the aid of ‘where there is no vet doctor’ book, I had the best of broodings ever. Zero mortality and vaccines been administered accordingly. Surprisingly vaccines cost N350 each. Thank you once again Emmanuel Jacob. – Mr. Haruna Dan Bauchi state
    6. @ Oladipo, why looking for water when living at river side? Kindly get Mr. Jacob soft ware and you will not need begging anyone for feed formulation/analysis. It is a “do it yourself” package
    7. What a wonderful software. My brother just got the software in Owerri and he is doing wonders with it, kudos to Mr. Emmanuel – Collins Onyeahialam – Imo state.
    8. Advanced feeds formulation Analysis books and software by Jacob Emmanuel is a great work for those of us interested in Animal Production. I encourage young investors to get it – Isa Yahaya – Abuja
    9. Just received your books yester night and the CD copy. Add me to the group – Adebisi Moshood Adekunle – Lagos
    10. Thanks Mr. Emmanuel, I have received the books and CD. I am thankful for your aspiring guidance, invaluably and friendly training on the feed formulation and analysis via calls.
    I also express my gratitude for the support and willingness to spend some time with me in understanding the software. Thanks and God bless you. – Akhidenor Paul Ikeodu – Lagos

10. Rufai Salihu Abdulsalam said
Before buying Mr. Emmanuel books, I thought it was a scam, but I still told myself give it a trial. This books are eye opener to me and most poultry farmers, he has really done a great job compiling these books, to me price of his books is just a token when compare with the content. The book has solved most of my problems especially in the aspect of feed formulation, disease control and general management practice in poultry business. Kudos to Mr. Emmanuel for his effort in seeing us through. Because my big problem is feeds.
11. Bashir Abubakar said
Thank you Mr Emmanuel Jacob. I recieved all your book in soft copy. Wow, the books almost immediately started solving my problems. I have 1500 birds and 8000 fish in my farm. feeds are my major problems, with your books, i will soon start formulation my feed. I live in Bauchi, therefore most feed ingredients are readily available. Thank you once again, more grease to your elbow. I am sure people like you are God-sent.
12. Ilori Damilola said
Mr. Jacob, I need 2 say well done 4 d good job. The book should be titled A to Z of birds rearing. God bless you!
13. Emmanuel Nwankwo said:
Finally I have gotten my own copy of advanced concentrates formulation and analysis added to the one i bought b4 @ #3000 for all. The books have opened my eyes to see how i have been wasting my money on buying commercial feed. I thank God for using Brother Jacob to help us. May God bless you sir.
14. Gulliver De Hercules said:
After patiently reading these books of yours, I developed a great confidence in me and i see myself as a potential successful farmer. God bless you Mr. Emmanuel. You have really done a great work there
15. Prince Ogbuehi said:
The books are very rich and the contents are very essential for every farmer who wants to increase profit. Nice work Emmanuel
16. Ikem Prince said:
I just got my books yesterday and I have been going through it ever since. it’s such a helping hand and an instrument of hope. May your rivers of blessings never dry out Mr. Jacob Emmanuel
17. Gozie Ukeje
who am I not to spread this gospel livestock truth! THANKS to master incharge @Emmanuel Jacobs. I have gotten my 2 books safely delivered even without knowing u. All am seeking for as someone whose field of study (Industrial Chemistry) differs from my field of extreme passion [POULTRY] has been found. Once again may God continue increasing your pool of knowledge IJN.. Truly you worth doing business with. Thanks a million!
18. Anyanwu Damian said:
Thank God i received mine now, and all Sincerely speaking, the books worth more than what we were charged. Sir Jacob you did a great job there, more grace. And we hope to receive more from your unlimited supply in this group. Thanks so much and stay blessed sir!
19. Muhammad Audi said:
The books on animal feed production has opened a new success chapter in poultry farming business in Nigeria. I have no doubt this forum will serve as a bridge to successful Poultry farming business to farmers. I consider this books a prerequisite to successful Poultry farming business.
Miracle Jacobs said
20. @:Ogundele M Ayodeji i can assure u d manual is complete and the people here are selfless ,competent and ready to offer you prompt assistance anytime or any hour of the day By His Grace I can vouch for them. Get the book WHERE THERE IS NO VET DOCTOR it is just 2k contact phone number is 08036068702 with that book in your hand I can guarantee your success not only on turkey but on any birds as per poultry Tested and proof.
21. Victor Chimdindu Nwabueze said
To me, Mr EMMA JACOB (OUR OGA HERE) need to be among those screened for ministerial positions. His portfolio will be minister for agriculture and farmers, our problem is solved for life.
because he is just an honest man, simple and nice. a love success.
I bought d software last week, i have a very minor technical issue, both of us tried solving it but no way. he was so sorry and immediately said he will balance me on Monday. I was even the one telling him to cool down since Friday till date, he kept calling to show concern and behold, last night we solved it and he guided me and I formulated within few seconds d biggest feed formula that will give d biggest result in a short-range. ALL THUMBS UP TO EMMA. He is too much.
Please, if you need good results, please go grab that copy of software now. It’s loaded
My charges….hmmmm just a million dollars,i wil manage.haaaaaa.
Then if u can’t afford my price rush meet our BOSS. He is good
22. Mobolaji Ojo said:
Thanks Mr. Emmanuel. I have received d ebook n the two bonus books in my email. I have scan through the books and I, am happy it has completely solved the technical challenge i was envisaging in animal feed production. I wish we have more Nigerians like you. More power to your elbow.
23. Sukky Umoh said
Buy your book WHERE THERE IS NO VET, soon you would teach others how to rear Turkey from day old
Hey sorry everyone I came late OK I only bought 4 bags of company finisher, after then through my oga’s connection I located a feed mill in Kaduna where I used my oga’s formula to make 8 bags of formulated finisher at the moment I have used up 6 bags of my formulated finisher now remaining 2 bags. Am happy with the result see my birds @ 6 weeks
24. Yahaya Sara Galo said:
Fantastic. I got it and it contained all that a potential farmer need. Thanks Mr. Emmanuel Jacob for the job well done. You are done with Mr. Emmanuel Jacob’s book – Where there is no vet Doctor. I have gone through it, you need it. It addresses everything on broilers.
25. Maryam Barkindo said:
The three books I’ve gone through are really educative and rich on the subject matter I must congratulate you it’s a good job. But the price must be increased to meet up on the publication and printing am sure what you’re charging now is for advert. More grease to your elbows! What about FISHER Y?
26. Lawan Usman said:
The three books by the animal Feed Guru & founder of this group i.e Formulating Animal Feed, Raising Broilers where there is no vet & Raising layers where there is no vet are in my opinion some of the most valuable & informative anyone can find around. I personally found the price of N1,500 too low & was skeptical about it at first. But now that I have paid & read them, am thankful that I did got the books. Thank you Sir for sharing your years of experience & knowledge with Us (almost for free). May God bless you.
27. Chijioke Okoli said:
I have almost read all the book it has a lot of to lean from u
28. Nse Aquaowo said:
Thank you Mr Emmanuel Jacob for your beautiful piece. It is indeed helpful but what I think your book did not address is a sample of the list of various kinds of drugs one would use from day 1 – 42. By this I mean the names of various antibiotics, anticoccidia, growth boosters etc one would use or combine daily till when birds are matured for sales. This would really help beginners who want to use your book as a guide.
All in all, I find your books exceedingly helpful and look forward to the training commencing in a matter of days. Keep on the good work… We really appreciate you.
29. Babalola Segun S Said:
Thank you Mr. Emmanuel, it is only God that can reward you for what you are with these books. Even layman can understand and feed his family with backyard farm and gradually become professional and feed nation, plus employment of many youths. Thank you and God bless.
30. Zubair Adaja Ishaq said:
Thanks Mr. Emmanuel i have received mine, in fact you did a very commendable book worth more than the price. Well done sir may the Almighty God reward you
It’s all u need to optimize gain in livestock farming stress-free.
Just get your raw materials, equipments, weigh and mix….for the most economical and freshest feed for your stock.
The manual is so simple for application, I bet u my mother can apply.
Kudos to MR EMMANUEL JACOB. You have made farming 60% profitable. GOD blesses you!
32. Sani Musa said:
I am enjoying the book. Thank you very much Emmanuel Jacob for the 3 ebooks . Thank you.
33. Olajide Emmanuel Olorunfemi said:
This three books were wonderful, seriously. This great man saw a need & devote his time, knowledge, energy to meet this need. I have a number of books on nutrition, feeds and feeding e.t.c. but what I got here was very very practical. I wish d hardcopy is out.
Thanks for the great work you put in that book, I celebrate u. You made my search easier.
34. Oduwole Olayinka Tunde said
The book is very good… I received mine within short period after payment. They are books every farmer must have. Great work!
..I want to quickly advice anyone who has not gotten his to quickly do that because it’s enriching and profitable35. Dapcent Farm said
Was very surprised receiving my copy of the book and CD the next day after payment am very grateful and please keeps it up. The book is very nice and simple to understand.
36. Victor Light Chukwunonso said
I want to sincerely thank Mr. Emmanuel for sending my software and the book ..
37. Collins Onyeahialam
Thanks Mr. Emmanuel. The farm is doing well. The balance of my stock has been booked. Average dressed weight 1.8kg. Started with 408 birds. Mortality was 16 birds. Thanks Mr. Emmanuel once again
38. Innocent Oriji
Thanks Mr., Emmanuel. I have received the books. Friends, It true that they are many fraudsters but sir Emmanuel is for real. It nice doing business with u sir