Learning the science and art of feeds formulation and production is the solution to running a profitable animal production enterprise. Honestly, most of your profit will go down the drain to commercial feeds millers, if you solely depend on them. First of all, I want you to develop the confidence that you can master the science and art of feed formulation. It’s something you can learn and put into practice. Proper application of technique of self feed formulation will saves you lot of money. Feeds alone in animal production takes over 60% cost of animal production.

SELF FEED FORMULATION/PRODUCTION Is an independent art of combining different raw materials/ingredients at appropriate proportion aimed at producing balanced ration to reduce cost of animal production.

Self feed formulation goes through these processes:

  1. Acquiring balanced feeds formula and necessary training; this is the bedrock of feed production. You can;t go further without this.
  2. Quality raw materials called feed ingredients. This is very essential. Poor quality ingredients will do more harm than good.
  3. Processing of raw materials (if need be) certain raw materials required further processing to eliminate certain anti nutritional factors inherent in the feed stuff. Ingredients like soyabeans, bone, blood  etc required adequate processing
  4. Weighing (very critical in feed production) All your effort from balanced formula to quality ingredients can be turned futile at this point. Weighing most be carefully carried out under the supervision of a qualified personnel who has good understanding of Reading scales in kilograms and grams as the case may be.
  5. Crushing with hammer mill- Using hammer mill is better than bore mill. Hammer mill has changeable screen making it possible to crush ingredients for different ages of birds/animal
  6. Mixing with mixer: you may start with half ton capacity or one ton capacity depending on the size of your farm.
  7. Bagging- you may customized you bagging if you are planning commercializing your feeds.
  8. storage


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