1. Proposal and business plan write up for the establishment of: At affordable price, we can help you write a workable and profitable business proposals on any of the following aspects of agricultural practices:

a. Poultry farm

b. Fish farm

c. Feed mill

d. Grasscuter

e. Livestock

2. Procurement of agricultural machines e.g. feed mill equipment, battery cage for poultry, fish equipment etc.

3. Procurement of agro- chemicals, seeds and seedling.

4. Training of staff and consultancy services.

5. General farm management and  establishment

6. Production of animal feeds and sale of balanced feed formula

7. Fumigation.

8. Brooding

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  1. Kadala RBandi

    Good afternoon sir, I read your books and it have motivated me to start a catfish farm, but need to more in fish farming.

    1. okay sir, just keep following us and more will come

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