Record keeping is one of the major challenges confronting farmers World wide. Record keeping is very vital to the growth of your farm. In my findings, many farmers find it difficult to keep simple farm record. Making reference to past performance is really a challenge to many farmers.
AGROLIFEBENEFITS BROILERS MANAGEMENTS APP makes record keeping easy and handy (all in your android or tablet) Record can be kept in batches. Making reference and needed become easy thereby know the best performing breed and practices.  This app simplified the act of record keeping in poultry business (broilers). From the farm name//address, reporting week, batch, number of birds, unit cost, total cost, vaccination dates, deworming dates, feeds required… LOTS MORE can be kept at a click and view any where any time using the app.
Record can be shared through social media or to the cloud
Imagine a situation where you will not really need to be buying note book in keeping your broiler records. Imagine a situation where all your far records can be view at glance through your android or tablet.



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