One of the causes of vaccine failure as taught in my book WHERE THERE IS NO VET DOCTOR is used of wrong quantity of water. My emphasis on this subject matter is largely due to looses being incurred by many farmers on regular basis due to vaccine failure. Many are of the opinion that vaccine dosage must be administered directly according to the dosage of the vaccine – that is to say 100, 200, 500, 1000 doses must go for 1, 2, 5, and 10 litters of water respectively. This rule is not always to be followed.

Now let me ask you this simple question: can you used 10liters of water to vaccinate 1000 birds (broilers or pullets) at four weeks old? If you do, many of your birds will not be able to access the water. You have only succeeded in starving your birds, good numbers are not vaccinated hence, you are bound to have vaccine failure. The potency of a vaccine is in the dosage and not necessarily the quantity of water used. However, this does not give room to excessive used of water where not  necessary. The rule must be followed where the required water intake of the birds is in line with the vaccine dosage. If I have 100 broilers to be vaccinated at week 1 against gomboro disease, the rule 1liter to 100 doses is still okay at this age.

Listen, the required water intake of your birds (which is influenced by age and the prevailing weather condition) determined the quantity of water to be used during oral vaccination.

Take a look at a farmer having 1000 broilers. Let look at this simple vaccination schedule

7th day – 1st dose of gomboro vaccine is given
2nd week (14th day) 1st dose of lasota (against NCD)
3rd week (21st day) – 2nd dose of gomboro is administered
4th week (28th day) – 2nd dose of lasota is given

At week 1 the rule 10 doses to 1000 liters of water can still be followed

From week 2 to 4, that rule can no longer be followed because the required water intake of the birds have increased. Using wrong quantity of water is one of the reason farmers encountered vaccine failure in poultry.

To be continued


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