One ton capacity mixer and hammer mill with necessary accessories newly installed at TONG SIGNATURE FARMS PORTHACOURT RIVERS STATE.

The hammer mill is connected to a high speed blower which is connected to a conveyor that carries the crushed ingredients to the mixer automatically from the hammer mill. The hammer mill and the blower are being powered by 15hp electric motor while the mixer is powered by 10hp electric motor. The automatic transfer of ingredients to the mixer chamber makes the feeds production process easier and faster. Dust controlled mechanism is being inbuilt on the mixer which make the feeds production operation dustless. The hammer mill also comes with changeable screen which make sit operation multipurpose – this implies the machine can be used for different types of animal feeds production because it can crushed to different particle sizes.Β  The noise is minimal and the machine is stable and easy to use.

This equipment can produced one ton per batch. A ton is 1000kg – that means 40 bags (25kg each) can be produced per batch.Β  This can produce up to 6 to 8 ton of feed per day depending on the available man power.Β  This is suitable for big farms or commercial feeds production.


STAR DELTA ELECTRICAL PANEL – this regulates voltage for the take off and stabilizing current supplied to the machines. It’s safe to have your equipment connected to star delta.

SACK CLOSING MACHINE – a noiseless hand operated sewing machine used to close up finished feeds after bagging

DIGITAL WEIGHING SCALE – 300kg capacity digital scale comes with the equipment. The scale is easy to read and very sensitive. This is for the measurement of raw materials and finished products.

40KVA GENERATOR – this powered the hammer mill, blower and the mixer simultaneously

Same equipment can be supplied to your farm with necessary training materials for feed formulation – ADVANCED FEEDS/CONCENTRATES FORMULATION & ANALYSIS SOFTWARE (this can generate ALL types of animal feeds with high precision) Read users/buyers comment here

HOTLINES:Β  08188202711, 08036068702

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