Ingredients selection in poultry

INGREDIENTS SELECTION & PRIORITY IN POULTRY NUTRITION Understanding the basic knowledge in ingredients
selection and priority in poultry nutrition, is the
key success to formulating a balanced feed. Age,
weather, breeds and purpose of rearing plays a
critical role in ingredients selection/ priority in
poultry nutrition. Furthermore, basic knowledge of
nutrient contents of each ingredient will also
guide in formulating a balanced feed for the
animal in question. Feeds formulation is beyond
just collection of different ingredients to achieve
protein , energy and other essential nutritional
requirement by the animal in question, Choice
and quantity of ingredients used in achieving the
nutritional requirement of the animal is very essential to the overall objectives of the feed
Poor knowledge of the basic highlights above is
one of the reasons why many farmers fail in
achieving great result in self feeds formulation.
For instance, some ingredients are very rich in
protein, yet their use must be avoided all
together in certain types of feed due to certain
anti nutritional factors or health challenges that
such may pose to the animal. Choice of
ingredient used can also be influenced by the
prevailing weather.
Below are the basic guide in selection of
ingredient for poultry nutritition.
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