Feeds formulation software is farmers delight in animal production enterprise.

The use of software to generate animal feeds has simplified the art and science of feeds formulation among farmers. Unlike other methods such as Trial and Error or Pearson’s square that demands series of manual mathematically calculations which may be tedious for farmers to comprehend, the use of software simplified the whole processes whereby feeds formulas are generated at CLICKS. Moreover, values generated by the use of software are more accurate and reliable.

Feed is one of the major factors that determine the profitability of animal production business. Feed accounts for about 65% cost of production in any livestock, fishery or poultry farm. Therefore, feeds affect the overall performance of a well set up farm. It is very important that every farmer understands the basic principle of feeds formulation and analysis.

EMMANUEL AGROBENEFITS ENTERPRISE FEEDS/CONCENTRATES FORMULATION & ANALYSIS SOFTWARE MANAGEMENTS SYSTEM is a complete indigenous software. Unlike some foreign software, this is completely indigenous in use of ingredients and application.

The software is able to:

  1. Formulate and analyze ALL types of animal feeds.
  2. Analyze a given feeds formula to ascertain it nutrient contents.
  3. The software is able to analyze the crude protein, energy, fiber, lysine, fats, methionine, calcium and phosphorus contents in animal feeds.
  4. It allows the use of ratio principles to control quantity of each ingredients in a ration.
  5. It allows up to 6 bulk ingredients per formulation
  6. It has an inbuilt store system, where you manage ingredients quantities as stored in your store.
  7. The software has unlimited data base for ingredients and additives add up – this gives you rooms to add your new ingredients or additives that are not in the system by default or input your new data as found after proximate analysis of your ingredients.
  8. The software is able to analyze cost of the formula generated, thereby revealing the economy value of the feed per kilograms/bags/tons
  9. It’s 100% flexible and user friendly.

I warmly welcome you to the use of indigenous software for feeds formulation and analysis to solve your feeds formulation challenges.


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