I will be dealing with feeds additives known to be efficient and beneficial to farmers based on personal experience. OREGO- STIM (powder) is a powerful organic feed additive with pleasant flavor that will compel your animal to eat. It is 100% natural feed additive that will help your animal maintain stable immune system for optimal production.

Orego-stim helps in eggs production in layers and reduces mortality. Orego-stim can be used for any types of animal feeds including fish feeds. It has been included in fish feeds with great result of attraction by the fish. I compel you to try the efficiency of Orego-stim in your feeds formulation and production.

It should be noted that the use of Orego-stim does not eliminate the use of the common additives such as lysine, methionine, vitamin premix … the other necessary additives should still be added in the appropriate proportion. Proper knowledge on feed formulation will guide you through at this junction. Buy ADVANCED FEEDSCON/CENTRATES FORMULATION AND ANALYSIS SOFTWARE (new version) for proper guidance on feeds formulation and analysis.

In my last purchase, I got orego-stim at seven thousand naira (N7,000) per kg. Oh you said that will make your feed very expensive. The truth is that 1kg Orego-stim can go for about 3 tons of feeds. 300g per per 1 ton feed is enough to perform the magic. Once added, your feed will bring out a pleasant aroma, which your animal will find difficult to resist. Proper flavour has a great role to play in feeds consumption by the animal. Good flavour enhances great attention and attraction by the animals, which leads to good consumption that automatically result to optimal production

The challenge of Orego-stim is its scarcity at the present moment. Ask your raw materials dealer today about Orgo- stim

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    I was not able to download the broiler management app

    1. what we have for you now is the app manual which is free (ebook)

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