AGROLIFEBENEFITS begins a monthly all animal feeds formulation and production training. The training is aim at making participants understand the basic principle of feeds formulation and production. it’s a well structured training program covering: General overview of feeds formulation and production, reasons for self feeds formulation and production, types of feeds and their nutritional requirements, know your ingredients, processing feeds ingredients, factors affecting use of ingredients, ingredients selection and priority in feeds formulation and production, methods of feeds formulation 1-4, process of feeds production and equipment, secrets of producing cheaper feeds, why you might not produce balanced feed despite good formula, raising broilers profitably/estimate analysis of raising broilers, production of growth booster and odor killer. Register today by filling the registration form at the home page and submit. You can become feeds formulation and production expert.

Online training available. training manual will be sent in power point format. You will be glad you joined. Reduce your cost of animal production through self feeds formulation in practical.


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