Half ton capacity mixer and hammer mill is available for purchase at AGROLIFEBENEFITS. It is newly fabricated and ready for use. The hammer mill comes with changeable screen- this makes it multi-purpose for the production of poultry feeds, livestock feeds and fish feeds. Half ton capacity is able to process 500kg feeds per batch. That means 20bags (25kg each) per operation. This equipment can produce up to 4 tons feed per day conveniently. The electric motor for the hammer mill is 10hp while the mixer is 5hp. 15kva generator can power this equipment.

Mixer and hammer mill are the major equipment for animal feeds production. These come in various capacities from half ton, 0ne ton, two tons, etc. A ton is 1000kg capacity per batch, meaning the equipment is capable of processing 1000kg feed/batch. 1000kg feed is equal to 40 bags (25kg each) as being bagged in poultry feeds.

Your choice of capacity can be influenced by many factors such as financial status, number of your birds, mode of operation (whether for personal or commercial purpose), staff strength, capacity of your source of power.

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