I am pleased to inform you that the new version of ADVANCED FEEDS/CONCENTRATES FORMULATION & ANALYSIS SOFTWARE has been developed and is now available.

I want to use this medium to appreciate buyers of the old version for the constructive criticism, comments, contributions and passion for excellence which has given birth to the latest version. Great testimonies  both within and outside Nigeria from buyers of this great product come in on regular basis. My greatest joy is the opportunity to profound needed solution to one of the greatest challenges confronting our farmers in animal production industry.  I have personally used the software to generate feeds formula for various classes/types of animal with great results, others have sent in pictures to substantiate the wonders of this indigenous software on their flocks.


  1. Able to formulate ALL types of animal feeds – fish feeds, poultry feed, dog feeds, pig feeds, grasscuter feeds etc at CLICKS – all the users needed to do is to input data in respect to needed type of feed and the software will automatically generate quantities of each ingredients needed to make such feed.
  2. Able to analyze the crude protein, energy, methionine, lysine, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, and fat content in a particular feeds – these are tedious task going by manual calculations. The software takes care of that with high precision and accuracy at clicks.
  3. Able to analyze your feed formula – is able to analyze feed formula brought elsewhere
  4. Contains local available raw materials by default – virtually most of the raw material are stored in the software by default.
  5. The software allows provision for adding new ingredients.
  6. Able to accommodate 6 bulky ingredients and unlimited number of micro ingredients at a formulation – this feature gives room to formulate all types of feeds without limitation.
  7. Able to analyze cost of feed down to cost per kg
  8. Inbuilt STORE, where you can view balance of your stored ingredients after each feed formulation and production
  9. Allow the use of mathematical ratio in determining level of inclusion of each ingredient in a ration – this unique feature helps farmers to regulate quantity of each ingredient to the other in achieving balanced feeds.
  10. Very user friendly – unlike many foreign software that are developed without due consideration to our locally available ingredients and languages, farmers appreciate working with this home based tool.

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